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Requirements For Study Visa Abroad

Requirements For Study VISA Abroad

‘‘Student Visas’, because the name suggests, are non-immigrant visas issued to prospective students, seeking degree in another country. These visas don't require the applicant to keep citizenship. Needless to say, student visa establishes the legal status of applicant for residing in non-native country. Each and every country is regulated by its very own immigration laws. The process of acquiring student visa a variety of countries varies regarding requirements of documents and proofs of funds acceptable. But there are many broad groups of rules which are common for all you countries. The following documents are needed by the majority of the countries:

Valid Passport

This may be the first and foremost necessary for student visa application. You can’t even think about starting the visa application process once you don’t possess a valid passport. The requirement of validity of passport is determined by the country, you're applying to. Some countries wants you to employ a valid passport until the end with the course, whereas some countries may let you are applying and get your passport extended down the line.

Admission Letter

No challenege show up country that you are applying to, you will need to get the admission confirmation letter from your educational institution, you would like to study in. After clearing foreign languages proficiency test, applicants should apply in numerous universities and colleges. Only once you have admission confirmation letter, are you able to start particles student visa application.
Financial Lucidity

Most with the countries would require you to definitely show that that you are capable of taking good your education and bills in the foreign country for intended study period. Many countries have specified volume of required funds, whereas, some countries would only need minimum living cost, computed according to government rules. Applicants must provide proof that they've the required amount in ready cash so because of this, can pay for to study and bear their overall expenses within the foreign country.


The last although not the least important document is the IELTS/PTE/TOEFL or other language proficiency scorecard. These tests evaluate your English Language Skills. There is commonly a minimum score requirement but this minimum score criteria varies for several countries and universities. Accordingly, if you are planning to take these tests wheather it is pte practice test or ielts test, please keep your desired country recognises that test. For example: UK doesn't accept TOEFL for visa application. Hence, you should make sure that you consider the right test and acquire the right score.

  • Academic Documents till Date
  • Visa applicants must provide following academic documents:
  • Class 10th and Class 12th Scorecard
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Post-graduation Certificate
  • Other Courses and Diplomas done
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • All the applicants are expected to provide police clearance certificate or PCC, which provides a proof which you have no criminal history and have clear background. However,
  • some countries like Canada, U.S. not one of them PCC for visa application.

Medical Documents

  • Submission of complete medical report is required for visa application process.
  • Experience Letter (if any)
  • It is vital to provide reference or experience letter from employer, stating your roles and responsibilities, salary details, job status and designation.
  • Student Visa Application Process:
  • l Prepare for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE or other language proficiency test.
  • l Get admission letter through your desired educational institute/college.
  • l Arrange a dependable proof of funds availability for studies and also other expenses.
  • l Prepare your visa application and send it to your embassy because of the documents.
  • l Attend medical examination by embassy/consulate approved doctor.
  • l Attend interviews with the visa officer.

If everything goes well, you shall soon fly for your dream country! Good Luck!